THE BIG LIST – Top 100 Things To Do in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is FUN! Antigua has beautiful weather and friendly people. Antigua is a joyous island, saturated in history and bursting with creativity.

REVIEW: Let’s Brunch at the Garden Grill, Antigua – where the locals go to eat, beacuse it’s good

The menu is exciting and can be as healthy or as deliciously, decadently, peanut buttery and banana-tastic as you like. The surroundings are cottage-y pretty and simple and the service prompt, homely and non-obtrusive.

Lunch at Harmony Hall, Antigua

There is a wonderful pool at Harmony Hall too, and the children dove in, while we amused ourselves with more grown up pleasures, such as rum punches and the like.

Christmas-a-Come Caribbean style with a Coconut Crush recipe

Christmas cards by Caroline Gardner

"White sands, Christmas breeze, Sweet red sorrel and poinsettia tree, Me heart's so tankful, what can me do? Me gonna put more love in de world - God so big, me so small, how can me tank Him enough for all? He sent Jesus an Jesus say me, to put more love in de world" … Continue reading Christmas-a-Come Caribbean style with a Coconut Crush recipe

Lord of the Flyers: Ziplining ‘Antigua-style’ over the rainforest

All rigged up

...They do it in the most casual way, making it look like it is not going to be fun at all. Except if you are nervous, and then it is their job to scare the wits out of you, and everybody else has a good laugh along the way...