REVIEW: Let’s Brunch at the Garden Grill, Antigua – where the locals go to eat, beacuse it’s good


Let’s make one thing clear first – I do no want to be seen as one of the trendy ‘brunch’ crowd, with those wives that are perfect and nice, and annoying. Gossip and me equals not a good combination. I just want to have a lazy Sunday morning reading chapter books to my kids and eating an early bowl of cereal before heading out into the leisurely church-goers traffic and ending up with a nice cup of coffee and a plate that has some spinach and eggs. Got it!

I have been here to the Garden Grill in Antigua a few times and loved it each and every time.

Private tables at The Garden Grill in Antigua
Private tables at The Garden Grill in Antigua

The menu is exciting and can be as healthy or as deliciously, decadently, peanut buttery and banana-tastic as you like. The surroundings are cottage-y pretty and simple and the service prompt, homely and non-obtrusive.

I like to arrive at about 11am and enjoy a coffee looking at the view by the pool. We book a table outside – each table has it’s own individual canopy which makes it seem quite private.

The kids can explore the beach just behind the café or play in the pool. Antigua has very few flat areas suitable for bikes, so  I don’t like to say it, but we bring the kids bikes and scooters so that they can  zip around on the concrete driveway here too. The beach itself is small and windy – great for kitesurfing!

Kitesurfing at the beach behind The Garden Grill

Normally I choose to eat eggs – the green eggs are particularly tasty. If we’re feeling indulgent, the children share a basket of mini doughnuts, fresh from the fryer and ridiculously good, rolled in sugar and with a bowl of Nutella on the side! My husband inevitably goes for the ‘Hungry Man’ – eggs AND pancakes AND bacon. It certainly swamps his appetite and we end up sitting for ages to digest.


Garden Grill Antigua, don’t only do brunch however – stop by for lunch from Tuesday to Saturday or even dinner on Friday night. On the lunch menu, the house burger with sweet potato fries is particularly good.

For a business meet up too, you could easily use this restaurant without having to worry whether the standards will be consistent – they are.

If you are visiting for a short while, you should hunt down this spot up North of the airport in Dutchman’s Bay.




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