INTERVIEW: Potter SARAH FULLER at her studio and her home in Antigua

Sarah Fuller of Sarah Fuller Pottery, Antigua, outside her studio in Dutchman's Bay. Photo by Jennifer Ritchie

Sarah Fuller's pottery studio sits at the waters edge in Antigua and the ceramics reflect the colours of the Caribbean sea and the sky.

THE BIG LIST – Top 100 Things To Do in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is FUN! Antigua has beautiful weather and friendly people. Antigua is a joyous island, saturated in history and bursting with creativity.

INTERVIEW: Natalie Mullin of ICED by Taste Tea Naturals

Who doesn't want a burst of Antiguan black pineapple blended with ginger, cardamom and cinnamon - iced and refreshing with passion fruit jellies or mango bubbles?

INTERVIEW: Naomi Millard of Carib Bean Coffee

The beans - from fresh green to roasted brown

I am excited to introduce you today to Naomi Millard from Carib Bean Coffee to discuss a little about the coffee business and a little about what she loves about Antigua.

8 Fun Things To Do in Antigua

Fun Things to Do in Antigua

Visiting Antigua is FUN. Terrific beaches. Year round sunshine. Happy Caribbean reggae vibes. Plus it's a small island so nothing is too far from where you are staying