Hi. I’m Jennie.



I am a property manager and a freelance writer specialising in lifestyle and design. I am a Mum to two beautiful kids. I am a wife to a hot New Zealander.

Contact me: jenniefish@hotmail.com.

Here is my story.

I grew up in Ireland, near Dublin but in the countryside. My Dad flew aeroplanes for a living and my Mum started out as an air hostess but now is a healer. I have one sister who is Awesome!

I rode ponies as a child and dreamed of competing in dressage in the Olympics, of driving a daffodil yellow Daimler, of marrying Gilbert Blythe and having a poplar lined driveway to my mansion.

Then when I was 17, I went to University in Scotland and dreamed of joining the army. Instead, when I graduated with a degree in Genetics, I joined the Navy. I loved/hated it, so I followed my heart and left to begin what turned into a career on and under the ocean, first as a sailor, then as a scuba dive instructor, then as a first mate, then as a chief stewardess on superyachts. I loved it all, every minute.

I met my husband and a few years on we got married in Queenstown, New Zealand. The next day we went skydiving. A year later our son was born and kept me awake for many months. Two years later our daughter was born. Love at first sight on all three accounts.

I lived and grew up in Ireland, Scotland, Turkey, Australia, France, Switzerland and now I am still growing up in Antigua. Though still always only 5 foot 2.

I dream of decorating my own home in Ireland one day and filling the garden with flowers.

I want to eat breakfast in Turkey (menemen of course), have lunch in France (moules frites) then gelati in Italy (chocolate) followed by dinner in Thailand (Tom Kha Gai). I love to eat!

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PS. All photos, unless stated otherwise, are taken by me. However, if you deem any worthwhile to share, borrow or otherwise, then kindly link back to this blog.

PPS. If you would like to see what I am up to elsewhere, let’s connect on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Feels so goooood to read you and feel you in this place! Love your clarity and your inspiration to take a new perspective on life. Yes Yes Yes! I feel inspired. Thank you 🙂


  2. Hi Jennie. Great to find your post! I’m currently in Barbados the past 4 years we are a British family possibly relocating to Antigua in the next year or so. My kids are 6 and 5. Any tips, info and help would be warmly welcomed! Thanks xx


    1. Hello Jo, thanks for stopping by. I can’t compare the islands as I haven’t visited Barbados but I’m happy to share any info that you need for Antigua – our kids are the same age. I’ll send you an email.


  3. Hi Jennie, there’s an artist in Antigua I think may interest you. Her name is Jan Farara (my mum) I may be biased but I truly believe her paintings to be fabulous and the fact she’s such a colourful character with a history in Antigua of over 40 years starting having sailed there on a yacht many years ago makes her story even more interesting. Jan paints professionally now and her art can be found in many hotels and homes across Antigua. Have a look at her art and see what you think! Thanks


  4. Hello, so pleased to find this place! Im moving to Antigua with my husband and 2 children for the next 3 years in January so its great to read all the advice on things to do etc. My son is 6 and my daughter 2 and I’m used to working so its going to be a big change for us all…Any advice or tips would be very welcome. Thanks


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