RECIPE: Delectable Chocolate Waffles with Strawberries (gluten free) and a Lazy Sunday Morning

It's a Sunday with no plans, the kids wake up early and hungry. I cook slowly, waffles take time it seems

RECIPE: ‘Turkish Eggs’ from Hall Valley Farm eggs, Antigua

I can tell you that the discovery of local free-range eggs from hens not treated with hormones or antibiotics and produced by people WHO CARE right here in Antigua made me want to whoop with joy.

Christmas Notes

My childhood Christmases in Ireland were the stuff of fairy tales. Now I am grown with my own family, I want my children to cherish their fond memories of the magic of Christmas too.

REVIEW: Let’s Brunch at the Garden Grill, Antigua – where the locals go to eat, beacuse it’s good

The menu is exciting and can be as healthy or as deliciously, decadently, peanut buttery and banana-tastic as you like. The surroundings are cottage-y pretty and simple and the service prompt, homely and non-obtrusive.

RECIPE: A great Summer Drink recipe to delight your friends

My Strawberry and Mint lemonade is decadently sweet, deliciously refreshing and super easy to make.

“WAKE UP! Beautiful”.

Beauty Alert - This Juice is Luscious. Full stop. To start the day with a glassful of greens cannot be bad for you. Seriously. Inspired by my recent trip to Ireland, where I found myself intrigued by Jason Vale being interviewed on the radio (no hardcore Soca music in Ireland - just the funniest radio … Continue reading “WAKE UP! Beautiful”.