Christmas-a-Come Caribbean style with a Coconut Crush recipe

Christmas cards by Caroline Gardner
Christmas cards by Caroline Gardner
Christmas cards by Caroline Gardner (UK), Smoothie is a Coconut Crush, Venue is Antigua Athletic Club

“White sands, Christmas breeze,

Sweet red sorrel and poinsettia tree,

Me heart’s so tankful, what can me do?

Me gonna put more love in de world –

God so big, me so small, how can me tank Him enough for all?

He sent Jesus an Jesus say me, to put more love in de world”

This is the Christmas carol that we will be singing along to this year in Antigua. The school choir will have a performance next week and the Christmas decorations are up in our house finally.

I have baked my first batch of Christmas spiced cookies ready for icing and decorating. Despite the heat outside, we are starting to feel quite festive inside.

I wrote my Christmas cards whilst sipping on a Coconut Crush and missed all of my friends and family back at home. This year we will celebrate Christmas in the Caribbean and it will be very different from the snowy Swiss Alps or the homeliness of Ireland. However, we will be part of the friendly Antiguan celebrations and we are looking forward to all that that brings.

Where will you be spending Christmas?

Coconut Crush recipe

250ml coconut water

100ml coconut milk

1/4 cup fresh pineapple blended and frozen

Splash of lime juice

Small handful of mint leaves

Blend altogether with some crushed ice and serve with a straw.

Drink, enjoy and remember to “Put more love in de world”.


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