Why I write this tiny blog (from my heart)

….One Year On!

I did it!  I’ve lived here for just over a year now. I’ve seen the seasons change and the boats come and go. I’ve learned how to save water and to fry plantain. My skin is soft and tanned from the humidity and the warmth. I have made friends and seen some people leave and new people arrive. I’ve drunk my fair share of rum punches and seen numerous super-moons on cloudless nights. I don’t scream at the sight of a cockroach or check my clothes for spiders every day anymore (although I do check my shoes for tarantulas!). I can drive to most places on the island, avoid the potholes and still find my way home.

So why do I stay up late and write this blog?

I want to share the beautiful things that I see every day. And Antigua is a feast for the eyes that amazes me daily.

Antigua is Fun too!

Moving to Antigua has been a huge and powerful change for my family and it is a beautiful island that not many people have heard about. I set about writing this blog as a creative outlet for myself and to share our experiences on a crazy, tiny island where our skin colour forces us to stand out as not being from here!

I started writing here to document the changes and to help me come to terms with our new and temporary home. This tiny blog has grown more than I ever thought and I love the growing community of followers who reach out to chat via email and comments. I have even met some of my followers, which makes me really happy!

We all need inspiration and creativity and sometimes when I am stuck at home alone it is just nice to reach out and share the journey, to exercise the writing muscle and to learn.

I hope that each piece reads as thoughtfully and beautifully as I yearn for it to be. I seek only to share information that is positive and happy.

Here are some recent pictures to share of the veritable rivers of colour that flow through my day.


Hibiscus schizopetalus or ‘coral hibiscus’



View from Sheer Rocks



Sunset At Galleon Beach looking towards Montserrat



Fabulous palm fronds



St. John’s public market on a Saturday morning


I am honoured as always to have you along on this journey.


2 thoughts on “Why I write this tiny blog (from my heart)

  1. I love that your write this ‘tiny’ blog, from your heart! ❤ I love that you can describe things with so much sensuality and detail – because you see things and life like this, the little things, the beautiful things, the magical things. It really uplifts me. Thank you and keep doing it please. And the photos are getting better and better to capture all this colour and beauty too! 🙂 ❤


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