ME: Why I decided to move to a Tropical Island

Dancing on the beach

Dancing on the beach

Less of a decision, more of fate throwing me a curveball: I have spent years of my life chasing the eternal Summer, so when I married my husband and he suggested life in a ski resort, I followed slightly absentmindedly but full of love.

Fast forward ten years and I was really craving the sea, a horizon not blocked by mountains, a life without jackets and a view filled with flowers all year round. Antigua came to us gift-wrapped and on a plate. This was a chance to take back Summer!

I won’t say that I jumped at the opportunity, as there were more people to think about than ‘just me’ this time – kids, husband, dog, job, responsibility. But we decided to do it, to take a leap of faith and I felt filled with a guilty pleasure when I told people that I was moving to the Caribbean.

The truth is, it IS Summer all year long. There are crickets and tree frogs singing in the garden every night. I can hear the ocean lapping and there are no Alpine walls locking me in. I never check the weather in the morning when I wake up and choose what to wear – my wardrobe is tiny anyway – there is only one season!

It is a little lonely at times though as the community is quite transient. And Antigua is a developing country so things that I once took for granted like running water, electricity and a postal service are haphazard and mighty expensive. There are insects invading the house which I don’t like, but have grown accustomed to. And in Summer it is so hot!

Seedlings pop out of the ground in days and anything you grow flourishes, which I love to experiment with – my balcony is filled with buckets of soil and green shoots, which will soon become bouquets for the table and salads to eat (I hope).

Driving a car is described here as ‘defensive’ but at the same time I find it quite considerate – where else do oncoming cars stop to let a flow of vehicles turn the corner. ‘Use your horn frequently’ is the authority from the rental car companies.

I came here with an open mind and discovered that it could be opened even further. So here I am, dancing on the beach.



6 thoughts on “ME: Why I decided to move to a Tropical Island

  1. It’s so inspiring to see someone go for something they want and in doing so, leaving their comfort zone. Thank you for sharing 🙂 it sounds beautiful, bugs and all!


  2. Loved it!

    No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.

    Fran Lebowitz (1950 – )

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