RESTAURANT: Cecilia’s High Point Café, Antigua

Cecilia's High Point Café, Antigua

There was a day, a little over a year ago, when I was knee deep in packing up my apartment in Switzerland, when a huge wave of doubt about the imminent move to little-known Antigua overwhelmed me.

Tears fell down my cheeks unbidden and the children asked me, “Mummy, what’s wrong?”.

To bolster my spirits and to reassure myself slightly, I turned on my computer and searched for some information about living in Antigua. A restaurant popped up on my radar. I looked at the pictures of the sea a myriad of colours, the cool and eclectic restaurant that looked over the pale sand with curtains flapping in the breeze. The tagline was ‘Welcome Home’.

Cecilia's High Point Café, Antigua
Cecilia’s High Point Café, Antigua

I felt that if the island had lured the creator of this bijou restaurant and had inspired her to create this beautiful space gazing at the majestic view, that surely I would be crying if I DIDN’T go there.

 That restaurant was Cecilia’s High Point Café.

Cecilia's High Point Café, Antigua
Cecilia’s High Point Café, Antigua

It took me almost a year of living on the island before I finally arrived on the doorstep of absolutely the most charming and welcoming venue I have visited in Antigua. I knew that the website that I peered at all that time ago from the snowy mountains of Switzerland was real, and so was the welcome “home”.

Cecilia’s High Point Café is located in Dutchman’s Bay on the northern side of the island, not far from the airport.

There was a huge dog to give us a friendly greeting, and even though it was only just turning midday (early for lunch, I know, but I do have children!), the staff welcomed us and invited us to have a drink and enjoy the beach (and playground for the children – this is so rare in Antigua that I almost wept – again!).

My husband and I soaked up the décor from the comfy chairs to the bright pelican paintings and Cecilia herself who seamlessly made us feel completely at home.

The food was perfect. The menu was presented on a blackboard and the freshly caught snapper brought out to see the size.

It turned out to be one of those sublime experiences where I just had to order dessert and coffee as I didn’t want to leave too soon.

There are a couple of art galleries well worth a visit in the area too, if you want to make a longer day of it.

Make sure you add this gem to your itinerary when you visit!



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