RECIPE: Spicy Ginger & Turmeric Lemonade – the ultimate Summer drink that’s full of vitality

Homemade ginger and turmeric lemonade

I have been on a quest to make this delicious drink since somebody mentioned it to me in passing … I realised it is the perfect Caribbean drink as all of the ingredients are readily available here in the markets.

I love to entertain and I always plan everything, from the welcome drink to the dessert. It is extra special to have a nice homemade drink ready to pour and this recipe excites me as it contains 3 of my favourite ingredients right now – ginger, turmeric, and lemons. It just feels as if my body needs these now, so I go with the flow. Admittedly, the sugar is not so healthful but it just makes this midday drink on a hot, hot day really ‘right’.
Homemade ginger and turmeric lemonade

You could equally make this with limes and add plenty of lime zest for prettiness. I’ve added some shredded mint leaves here to keep it fresh.

I know you want to try it now!

First, you need to make a sugar syrup (1 cup of water to 1/2 cup of sugar) and add plenty of sliced ginger and turmeric – at least a tablespoon of each. It depends on how much flavour you want! I love turmeric and ginger, so I put in quite a lot. I also add a grind of black pepper, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and a star anise. Bring it all to the boil and simmer until it turns syrupy. Once I turned off the heat, I added some shredded mint. Leave it to infuse for at least half an hour.

At this point you can drain the syrup to remove all of the lumpy bits, but I love the look of this drink with everything in it. Plus, the sweet slices of ginger and turmeric are delicious to eat.

Juice about 2 lemons per glass. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar syrup. Fill the glass with ice. Top up with sparkling water. Stir well and serve.

(If you are feeling frisky, I’m sure some vodka wouldn’t go astray in this mixture either!)

I managed to take a few pictures before my son wrestled it from me and we shared it together. It is so delicious! The turmeric gives it an amazing yellow zing and the heat of the ginger and spices fills you up.

Spicy ginger and turmeric lemonade
Spicy Ginger & Turmeric Lemonade with Mint

This Summer seems to be so busy. I am trying to take a little time for myself and I’m reading the classic ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, which surprisingly I have never read before. I am also trying to take up the piano again and learn the theme tune from ‘Cheers’. I love to have lots of little projects going on.

In the meantime, I have been walking the dogs less, which I really miss doing, but I have had a lot of work lately. I have to force myself to soak up the daily beauty of Antigua, the birdsong, the wind in the palm trees, the raindrops on the lily pads, the tree frog chorus lulling me to sleep (or keeping me awake!) and the magic of being barefoot outside every day (see the wonderful healing from my sister’s barefoot yoga here!).

You must inspire me with some great drinks recipes to share with friends and sign up to join in with more adventures in the Caribbean.

Kisses from the tropics & enjoy some lemonade xx





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