News-y Updates & the Weather from Antigua!

I’m just stopping by for a quick share of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourist Office’s epic advertising video. I think it is really neat and gives a great overview of the highlights of the islands.

Check it out! You will totally want to book some flights after this.


In other news, I have a guest blog post appearing this week on The Exploress, a website with a philosophy that I totally am in sync with, that of free spirited women travellers.

Check it out here!

Jennfer Ritchie at The Exploress
Jennifer Ritchie at The Exploress


We have had plenty of rain here this week, which is something that is definitely celebrated in Antigua. Many people (us included) survive on rain water cisterns. We are not connected to government water, so if there is no rain we have to buy truck loads of water, which cost 200 EC$ for 1000 gallons. When you start buying water like this, you really learn how to ration it and keep all usage to a minimum! I was trying to prepare a new recipe last night for dinner and I giggled to my husband when I stumbled at the first step “Wash the rice thoroughly” – with a Very Small Amount of water!

Even the people that are connected to government water cannot rely on it being there when they turn on their taps, as it is regularly turned off when the island is in short supply.

So, I now see the true spoiling that we had living in the Swiss Alps with delicious drinking water (as much as you like) straight from the tap.

When I go back to Europe I revel in long, hot showers and baths. But I am totally used to the system here now too and I think it is massively important to be aware of the true importance of clean water. I always try to donate to charities that are bringing clean water to people that really need it now.

Don’t worry if you are visiting the islands and staying in a hotel either, water shortages are not something that you will be particularly aware of! Visitors are very well looked after here!

Have a great week everyone and see you soon!



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