Just Thinking …..


IMG_3838I took the dogs for a walk down to the beach tonight – before dark this time, as I’m sure the ghost will reveal himself to me on a dark, dark night like the last few nights have been. What ghost? Read on …

It was slightly unfortunate that 2 black cats ran across the path just after we left the house, hence I lost Ricky immediately. Lilo and I looked for him for a few minutes and then easily gave up – Ricky does this ALL the time.

Galleon Beach, Antigua

We headed down to the beach and I drank in the view, the beach, the sand and let the warmth of the evening breeze envelop me. I passed a romantic couple taking a stroll on their Caribbean vacation and I asked myself, “What have I done to deserve to live this opportunity and experience?”. Wow, it really is such a privilege to be here in such a stunning place and not just for 2 weeks.

The sand on the beach is like the dust that angels have dropped and the ocean is the tear drops they shed when they realise that they cannot assume human form to share it with us. The angels have filled the sea with magical creatures to woo us in and share in their dreams and inspirations.

Magic aside, I feel the creativity and inspiration pulse through my body the moment I am outside amongst nature and the world. Antigua is so isolated that I have lost connection with the pace of the 21st century and I run along in a parallel universe with the plants and the animals and the sand and the sea.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s proposition, that ‘Ideas’ are inhabiting the world alongside us, has personified my being and as soon as I get outside, my mind opens to the Enchanted Ones and they Invade, tumbling over each other – sentences, headlines, business plans, life plans, structure, chaos, image, style. They all seek a voice through me and in me. In those moments, or in that half an hour I feel lifted above the ground, carried on a spiritual plane with the earthly sea breeze still blowing in my hait.

Crazy, innit? I guess I’m not alone though! Hey, if Elizabeth Gilbert wrote and published book about this, then there definitely is more than me out there feeling the same friendly takeover. I love it and I seek it out. So there you go, something you didn’t know about me.

Now, something you didn’t know about Antigua. Don’t dare to walk barefoot in the grass. Yes, I know that it looks idyllic – however, there are things lurking in there: FIRE ANTS for one! And GRASS F***ERS!! What? Ok, ok, I’m sure that is not the technical term for them, but I did ask a friend the other day and she said that is what they call them – small balls of spikes – like mini land-living sea urchins, that once stood on, cling to your food and cause ridiculous amounts of swearing. I am not really one for swearing – but there is definitely a time and a place for it, and the time and the place for me is NOW! I firmly planted both feet in the grass as I ran back away from the beach, knowing that I was on track to be late home. Both feet, BOTH FEET ran smack into piles of grass f***ers. I was momentarily stalled in my haste, and that stalling invited the fire ants out of their hiding and into attack mode. These little beasts, my friend, are Vicious. They are no relative of the hard labouring ants that the Dali Lama saved when building his cinema, way back when Brad Pitt made that movie … you know the one? I was hopping up and down on my heels (the least affected part at this point) applying various swatting and plucking techniques. Thankfully the ocean is always – just there. And I launched myself towards it and sat down in the cool relief of the Atlantic, to remove the remaining thorns and to cool the savage burning in the tiny red dots left behind by the miniature antagonists that have injected me with their toxic venom. Apparently it is one of those unusual instances that urine actually relieves the sting, although I haven’t tried to lose my dignity on top of everything else.

I soldier on home, collecting the missing dog on the way. He didn’t get a swim in the sea tonight, but he looks pretty chuffed with himself anyway.

Oh and, no ghostly sailor sighting on this night! If you want to read ghost stories – the real truth is posted here by archaeologist and BBC presenter Sam Willis, who has researched this area in depth.

I hope you enjoyed this read! Why not join up so that we can connect over the waves of the web and the ocean.

G’night Antigua and g’night World.


4 thoughts on “Just Thinking …..

  1. ‘Just thinking………..’ moments are the best. Especially in open air, wildness, nature, wind, waves. I am not aware of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, but I will be searching for it tonight. 🙂

    Although I can do without the ‘grass f***ers’



  2. I cried – touched by the magic that you bring to life so vividly, so sensually. Please please keep writing and sharing with all your being – how you experience the world is so delightful and refreshing and inspiring. (and shamanic!!;)) And I laughed out loud at your story of the grass f***ers and ants – sorry for your pain!!


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