RECIPE: A great Summer Drink recipe to delight your friends

Strawberry and Mint Lemonade
Strawberry and Mint Lemonade

I am so excited to share this recipe with you this week! My Strawberry and Mint lemonade is decadently sweet, deliciously refreshing and super easy to make.

Now that Summer is almost upon all of us Northern Hemisphere peeps, strawberries will soon be bountiful and what better way to delight your friends than offering them a homemade drink that you can put together in minutes and linger over with pleasure.

Some fresh strawberries and lemons ...
Some fresh strawberries and lemons …

The blend of vibrant red strawberries and sharp zesty lemons with some palate tingling mint is such fun to put together and even better to drink through a straw from a clunky, funky glass.


All it takes is some fresh fruit and mint blitzed together with fine caster sugar and water, add some ice and ta-da!

“I can’t wait any longer!”

Everyone will love this, just as it is. Make it a little tangier by adding some more lemons or a little sweeter if you like with some sugar.

Here is the recipe:

1 cup of fresh lemon juice

1 cup of sugar

6 large strawberries

A small handful of mint leaves

Blitz altogether with a couple of ice cubes until it is smooth.

Add 5 cups of cold drinking water and blend again until it is mixed.

Pour over ice into 6 glasses with straws and serve at once.


3 thoughts on “RECIPE: A great Summer Drink recipe to delight your friends

  1. Wow! Will try this today. Thanks!

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