Beach Party Outfit of the Day & Beach Party Makeup

Hello! I hope you have all had a nice Saturday! We were invited to a beach party today and I thought I’d quickly share what I wore, with a note on makeup for beach events.

In Antigua, we have the wonderful natural advantage of being surrounded by beautiful beaches 365 days of the year (or is that 365 beaches?!), so it is not uncommon to be invited to a beach barbeque or beach party.

Not long after we arrived in Antigua, a colleague chose to introduce me to a potential new French friend and to my horror it was suggested that we meet on the beach! Not only did I now have to make polite chit-chat to a divine French lady, but I also had to do it in a bikini. As it turns out, we hit it off immediately and are still good friends today, however, it was not a comfortable meeting. I was worried about all of my wobbly bits, my ageing bikini, my shabby beach dress, getting sunburnt and beach etiquette, just to name a few things!

Beach party wear
Beach party wear


Here is my new and improved beach party look – wobbly bits helped by Shaun T’s Insanity Beach Body workout(!), beach cover up Jets by Jessika Allen (similar available here), bikini  by Seafolly , sunglasses – aviators by Rayban.

Jets by Jessika Allen
Jets by Jessika Allen

As for the beach makeup I keep it really simple now, having survived the mascara + saltwater burning eye sensation one-too-many times. I only use sunblock, concealer under my eyes, highlighter and blush on my cheeks, lip gloss (spf 15) and eye liner. I’ve also put Moroccan oil in my hair to keep it slick for swimming.


As the party was drawing to a close this afternoon, I snapped this image out over the bay: one more of my much-loved views of Antigua.


Thanks for joining me on this really fun journey!

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