Moving House & Trying to Stay Young

My day moisturisers

Phew, I have done a lot of moving lately and quite frankly I feel in a bit of turmoil: one day I love the new house and the next day I wonder what possessed us to move at all. If I learn anything from all of this, it is that I should be gentle on myself and my family as  we all take our time to adjust and to allow ourselves that time, too.

I may have only moved house around the corner, but instead of waking up and looking east with the sky a blaze of glory, I now look west and watch the sun drop down as a fiery ball into the vastness of the ocean. I know, pretty spoilt right? From view of sunrise to view of sunset over the ocean. Imagine having either view, you might say? I still spent the first night in the new house in tears. It turns out that it’s not all about the view!

So things have been quiet over here at the blog lately as I give myself some time to find my way around, but I still can’t bring myself to unpack the last 2 boxes. Never mind, I tell myself, I’ll do it when I’m ready.

I saw a lady yesterday, one of the Mummy’s at school drop off – definitely of the yummy genre, and she had each of her toenails painted a different colour but matching exactly the hues in her patterned silk blouse. It just sung of her eccentric and colourful character and I felt inspired to do a beauty post about My routine.

I like to keep things simple and have cleansers, moisturisers, sun protection and special treats. Try not to look at the view in the pictures – just the products, ok?

In the morning I wash my face with a wet cloth and dry it with a towel gently. Then I put on my day moisturiser and eye cream. I am currently using REN eye cream ‘Keep Young & Beautiful’ which as with all of the REN proucts I find very gentle. On my face I have been using the cult cream used by makeup artists, called Embryolisse. It is unscented and unbelievably smooth. However the glitch is that it used to only be purchased from pharmacies in France. When I am in France I tend to buy in bulk! (However I have just discovered some online links selling it now). As an alternative, I have recently rediscovered Pevonia. It has been one of my favourite all-time brands, but always hard to find as it is really a spa brand. Luckily for me, the St. James Club spa, just 5 minutes from where I live, are Pevonia specialists so I grabbed a pot of their day cream for normal/combination skin the other day.

My day moisturisers
My day moisturisers

I then apply my sun protection to my face, including my neck, decolletage, ears and upper back. (Then I’m ready to do my makeup which I’ll mention in a separate post.) I love the Avène suncream but I’ve run out and can’t buy it on the island here. However, on my recent trip to Europe I stocked up on Boots pharmacy own brand of day-long protection, which I am using every day now.

Sun protection - vital
Sun protection – vital

In the evening, I cleanse with REN rose cleanser which is very gentle and has such an uplifting scent of rose petals. I use Caudalie on my eyes to remove mascara and eye liner.

Evening time cleansers
Evening time cleansers

Mostly I simply apply a serum after my cleansers. My beautician in Switzerland recommended it for night time, as she advised me that it keeps pores tighter. I am currently using this Clinique Smart Custom Repair serum as my wonderful Mummy gave it to me last year as a gift. It is very luxurious and you only need a tiny amount each time.

Night serum
Night serum

Now for ‘special treat nights’ as I like to call them, basically twice a week,  I exfoliate and apply a mask. I have recently discovered Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, which is a mask too, acting as a chemical exfoliant rather than abrasive. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is next on my wishlist! Alternately I have just purchased Pevonia’s mask ‘Fondamentale’ for mixed skin types.

Masks and exfoliation
Masks and exfoliation

So there you go, my toe nails may not be painted all the shades of the rainbow, but I do like to take a little care of my skin. A monthly facial is also going into my diary, as I think that is really worthwhile, if only for the hour lying down in the middle of the day – while somebody else takes care!



2 thoughts on “Moving House & Trying to Stay Young

  1. Congrats for moving! No matter that you moved to a place close by it is still a move and everything is new for you. I have move five times in my life and I always cry in the first days of the move. I think it is just hard for the mind to adjust to the change. You have a very impressive collection of skin protection products. 🙂 I wish you all the best! Thanks for sharing!


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