Rouge Darling

“I believe that all women should wear red lipstick”, bravely said the celebrated Irish make-up artist Leonard Daly (who has an excellent blog at

I soaked up his words and became bolder. I saw a beautiful girl on the metro in Paris with messy hair and bright red lipstick – she looked amazing, effortlessly glamorous and oh so French.

I hovered nervously at the MAC store and hesitated between Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I went for both – ‘go large or go home’.

Embracing life and old-school glamour I now boldly go where I have never been before with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ in my step.

Red lipstick ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC

If you are not so easily persuaded, perhaps start with some red on the table to add a little ooh-la-la to your day?




Then paint your nails vibrant red …..

Have fun, it’s the holiday season!

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