The Game Changing Ice Tea – introducing the Icy Spicy

Playing Backgammon
Icy Spicy Iced Tea
My Icy Spicy Iced Tea

5 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and it is time to take it easy. The rush of the weekdays are over. The week ahead is prepared. The heat of the day is fading fast and the dog is ready for a walk. There is just enough time to grab a cold drink from the fridge and sit down for some friendly rivalry over a game. The cold drink is homemade iced tea, the game is Backgammon. The rivalry is longstanding.


Good genes combined with flair and zest will give you something extraordinary.

If it hadn’t occurred to you to use good tea leaves to make iced tea perhaps I can persuade you otherwise. Good food and drink always evolves from the best ingredients so why desist now.

Hot tea in hot climates works perfectly well, however from time to time I crave something ice-cold. Equally, when I have guests visiting, I love to offer them something homemade.

Hence the birth of this ginger spiced tea.


4 black tea bags – best quality tea bags (or preferably loose leaf tea – I haven’t found any in Antigua yet)

Boiling water, enough to fill a serving jug

1 inch piece of fresh ginger, sliced

Cucumber slices, fresh mint, and ice, to serve

Of course, if your tooth is more of the sweet variety, feel free to add sugar syrup too. Personally I love the dark and heady flavours of the tea and ginger and the freshness of the mint and cucumber at the end, no need to complicate it further.

Pour boiling water over the tea and the ginger and leave to steep for 4 – 5 minutes. Remove the tea but leave the ginger for a more intense spice. Allow to cool and refrigerate. When you are ready to serve, add the cucumber and mint. Pour the tea over ice in a clear glass and enjoy.

Spiced iced tea recipe
Spiced iced tea recipe

The most important part of the Icy Spicy, however, is how you enjoy it.

Personally I adore to play Backgammon and have the most wonderful set from an earlier life chapter spent in Turkey. Invite a friend over, sip ice tea through a straw and spend tranquil hours playing an ancient game without any need to gossip or even talk. Savour the tea and the mental practise of the game.

Playing Backgammon
Tine to play!

4 thoughts on “The Game Changing Ice Tea – introducing the Icy Spicy

    1. Hi Natalie, I really enjoy the bush tea recipe from your blog and I think the product you have looks great too! Thank you for sharing your insight into teas in Antigua – it is truly a ‘tea nation’ rather than coffee (which I was surprised by when I first arrived here).


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