Notes from a plane at 38,000 feet

How I like to write
How I like to write
How I like to write

Ask David Nicholls (author of One Day) why he is drawn to Thomas Hardy: ‘because it’s “big and emotional and moving and people identify with it”‘.

I watched the critically acclaimed ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ (Thomas Vinterberg / David Nicholls adaptation) on the plane from Gatwick to Antigua (direct flights daily folks!).

With a 7.2 imdb rating I know I am not alone in the pleasure that I consumed from such a bewitching story so beautifully portrayed.

However the story got me thinking about bygone days and how much more creative we were then. The ladies yearned to play piano and everyone wrote letters with an elegant hand.

Today we are in such pursuit of endless happiness that there is a loss of creativity. In the past, people sat more with any sadness that befell them and used it. There was no Ben and Jerry’s nor re-runs of soppy movies to numb minds. Instead you looked out of the window and absorbed your predicament.

It is a fast paced world now. The quest for instant gratification raises our pulse rate and there is never any time for anything. I urge you to take some time out to read a book every day. My favourite time to read is before I sleep at night – I look forward to being in bed early enough to massage my hands with some delectable wild rose scented cream from the Body Shop, light my Mrs Shooz “Dusk in Antigua” candle and to delve into some intricately developing characters.

My bedside table at the moment
My bedside table at the moment: colourful dachshund from my wonderful friend Millie, bougainvillea from the garden, Mrs Shooz candle made in Antigua, white linen napkin from Marks and Spencers, The Body Shop Wild Rose hand cream, book by Penguin Classics.

In a search for the true beauty of the written word, when prose becomes poetry and I fall in love with the scenery and the textures of language, I inevitably delve into the classics: I can sit and read sentences over and over and marvel at their elegance and how I am transported to an otherworld.

With this delicious phrase by Thomas Hardy, I leave you until next time, enjoy:

“She heard footsteps brushing the grass, and had a consciousness that love was encircling her like a perfume.”

3 thoughts on “Notes from a plane at 38,000 feet

  1. Jen my sweet, Maev suggested this book for our newly formed Valley Wives book club. The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives, riverting.

    Hello Rickey


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