A Welcome-Drink idea for Entertaining: homemade, interesting and exotic ‘Sorrel Drink’

Sorrel drink ingredients

Last week I went to St. John’s market and shared a recipe for the wonderful health and immunity boosting Turmeric and Ginger tea. In fact, I am sipping one right now! In the comments Alscess Lewis Brown wrote:

“Turmeric won’t stain the teeth but if it does swish with coconut oil for 20 minutes and brush after. Pearly whites will return. Another thing try putting the tumeric and ginger in your fish sauce. You will not regret it. Of course, you shouldn’t forget your onions, garlic, parsley, celery and sweet peppers. All of this steeped in coconut milk is not only wholesome and healthy but absolutely delicious. You can purchase all of that in that colorful market.”

Thank you Alscess for sharing your wonderful ideas. I will definitely be trying them soon as I have some fresh fish fillets in the freezer.

This week I have made another drink using ingredients purchased at the morning market in St. John’s from the wonderful ladies there: Sorrel drink.

Sorrel, as it is known in the Caribbean, is also known as Roselle elsewhere in the world, and it is a species of Hibiscus plant. It has a multitude of uses from food colourings (vibrant red) to jams, jellies and tea. It comes from West Africa, where most of the Antiguan population originally came from, and has a number of medicinal uses too.

Here in Antigua it is primarily used to make the famous Sorrel drink. It is just the beginning of the harvest season now and I was lucky to get a bag of sepals with the hard centre removed making them immediately ready to use.

Recipe for Sorrel Drink:

2 cups (500g) dried sorrel

1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced

1 x 5 inch piece of fresh orange peel

1 cinnamon stick

6 cloves

1 cup (250g) sugar

4 cups of boiling water

Place the ingredients in a large jug / saucepan. Cover and leave to stand at room temperature for 2-3 days. Strain through a sieve and leave to stand for another 2 days. Strain again through muslin and refrigerate the finished product. Use as a juice over ice or with rum as an apéritif (pre-dinner drink).

Sorrel drink ingredients
Sorrel Drink ingredients
Sorrel Drink Infusing
Sorrel Drink Infusing
Sorrel drink
Sorrel drink

This is a wonderful exotic drink and I love to serve it as a ‘welcome-drink’ with a bit of a difference when friends visit for apéro in the late afternoon. It is perfect as those that prefer to have a non-alcoholic version can essentially share the same drink but without the rum. And who doesn’t love something homemade with love!

Do you have any interesting pre-dinner drink ideas?

Cheers and see you next week when I get to review the wonderful Stingray City here in Antigua in the West Indies.

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