In loving memory of Cappa

Sunrise in Antigua

Sunrise in Antigua

I am lying on my bed with my feet on the pillows. Some would call it upside down or back-to-front. I like it. There is no point following the crowd. My eyes are closed. I can feel the breeze blowing through the louvers and hear the thrum, thrum of the fan swirling above my head. I smell freshly washed bedlinen. It is one of my favourite scents. I savour the night when the sheets are still crisp and untouched. The tree frog is ensconced on his usual perch outside the window with his erratic and high-pitched song. I open my eyes and in the darkness I can make out the wooden beams of the roof climbing towards the apex. There is an aura of simplicity yet a whisper of opulence. I enjoy the moment removed in time and space from the rest of the world.

I think of Cappa, a blurry vision floating like a cloud amongst the fine mesh of the mosquito netting. He partied here in Antigua. I want to see him walking along the street towards me with his attitude of loving life, but he is not in this world anymore. I close my eyes again and send a hushed wish to him like a silk thread that weaves it’s way through the cotton clouds and up to the stars where he now belongs.

” I am in the Caribbean racing full time again after finishing running the big swan program. Felt like time to move on after 3 seasons, so it’s back to travelling like crazy again. Can’t seem to sit still for some reason. Changed country over 450 times now and racked up 24 transatlantics sailing.You would think that would be enough somehow. Loving and living life to the full though. Keep smiling girl and best wishes with the hubby and the new digs. Love always Cappaxx”

Cappa shone so brightly in so many lives for so many years, but still not enough.

As I walk in his footsteps here in Antigua I feel the balmy breeze that carried him over the ocean many a time and know that he would be smiling to see how many hearts all over the world that hold candles for him each day.

And so, dear Cappa, a rum it is.

To you my friend x