Sun Chic Hair – 2 pretty ideas for Good-Hair-Days in Summer

Side French braid
Donkeys in Antigua
Donkeys in Antigua

Aren’t these donkeys so gorgeous? “BABY DONKEY!” I squealed, “Stop the car!”. I got toot-tooted by passing cars as I zipped around to get a picture, but tooting horns is a way of life here. There are donkeys everywhere here, so much so that there is a Donkey Sanctuary on the island, rounding up donkeys to protect them from being hit by cars. There is a herd living near us and it is a treat to see them roaming on the headland.

This week has seen 2 tropical storms in the eastern Caribbean so we have seen a lot of wind and rain showers recently.

Expressing your style when the weather is hot, humid and windy is not always the easiest thing. Welcome to Antigua.

My days can often start with a swim. Or there is the midday swim. Or maybe the evening swim? The swim in the rain perhaps. Children with access to a pool / sea rarely want to leave it. (Sometimes grown-ups too). So it is not as simple as getting up and dressed for the day. Trying to look presentable when the climate and lifestyle are doing their best to push you around is not always easy.

We have just emerged from a 3 day power-cut after tropical storm Erika hit the island, so there was little chance for showers and hair washing. The last 2 years have also seen drought conditions in the Caribbean, with hoteliers in the worst struck islands, such as Puerto Rico, asking guests if they can limit their shower times. This does not bode well for bridezillas arriving to the island for Caribbean sunset nuptials on the beach.

Having pretty hair just makes me feel, well, pretty. In my previous Swiss life, my GHD hair straightener was my trusty companion. Sadly the voltage is now keeping us apart.

Currently my hair routine is stripped down to shampoo and conditioner, air-dry and braiding. I like to think of this as ‘sun chic’. These hairstyles have worked from morning to nightfall, in and out of the sea and on to the beach bar for cocktails. They work out of necessity! I have fine and flat hair that needs to have something done to it every day.

Messy beach hair on me, well, it just looks plain messy. A bit like shabby chic home decor can quickly be anything but chic and everything about shabby.

The humid air makes me feel like I need to keep my hair off my back too, so having it tied up means I don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

Side French braid
Side French braid, neat, pretty and chic on holidays or living in the tropics

I added some diamanté clips which would be quite fun to add flowers to for an evening out beach-side.

Side French braid
Side French braid, keeping long hair neat

I really love the ponytail loop – when I was growing up there was a device that you could buy to recreate this unbelievably simple look. But lo and behold, it takes seconds more than a normal ponytail: tie your ponytail using a slim bobble. Then make a hole just above it with your fingers and push the ponytail behind itself and pull it through. I know that I have previously said that I will not succumb to the daily ponytail grind, but this? Why, absolutely.

Looped through ponytail
Looped through ‘not-a-ponytail’

I am very excited to have a return trip to Europe coming up soon and I am composing a great list of products that I never realised I needed until now. Stay tuned for more on that later.

One thought on “Sun Chic Hair – 2 pretty ideas for Good-Hair-Days in Summer

  1. Oh wow! I love the hair. Looks great 🙂 Mine would be wild over there! I have no idea how you do the plait. I wouldn’t have the patience or skill. But I think I can try the ponytail at least!!


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