Poolside Breakfast Idea – Crèpes aux poires, sucre et cannelle

Poolside Pancakes
Early morning goat herding in Antigua
Early morning goat herding, Antigua

Good morning.

I am laughing still from our morning. As we are still new to the island, it takes a lot of getting used to. We have rented a lovely cottage with a view over the ocean and a cooling sea breeze over the deck.

I will quickly note here, that visits by people to do various jobs around the house do not mean I am wealthy or snobbish, it is just the way things happen here. When we lived in Switzerland, we had a more normal (by my standards) life, where we had a small town apartment that was lucky enough to be near the public pool.

This morning however, in Antigua, was a busy morning of maintenance, with the men scheduled to arrive from 8am.

At 9am (hint of sarcasm), just after the kids had jumped into the pool for their first swim of the day, I heard “Hello, Hello”. There in the garden was a man who announced himself to be the Pool Man.

The kids duly hopped out of the pool so that he could do his checks. By this point, my son’s energy levels are starting to peak from the breakfast carbohydrates. So he’s running around watching everything Mr Pool Man is doing.

The phone rings and I answer it, “Hey Jennie, are you up the hill?” the voice asks. After deducing that it is the Maintenance Man, I answer “Yes I am up the hill”.

“Ok” he says, “Well I am down the hill”.

I am glad that we cleared that up, I think to myself as he rings off.

5 minutes later there is a knock on the door and it is the maintenenance guy with some men to fix the air-con. (I guess he came up the hill then). So there is a general invasion by now, with men in the bedrooms, on the deck and under the house.

I decide that I am going to need some coffee and the kettle goes on….

As the pool guy packs up to leave, the maintenance guy has a chat to him and then decides to pull out a strimmer that looks like it has a XXL chainsaw attachment. He balances precariously on the edge of the pool where the kids are now swimming again.

I am keeping an eye out and he waves at me “S’all ok mon” he says. Yeah sure I think, as chunks of bougainvillea are flying through the air and into the pool.

My son at this point, who is now really peaking, hops out of the pool and takes the lid off the pool filter and starts cleaning out all of the flowers and twigs that are rapidly filling it up. He starts yelling, “But this is all wrong! Why has the gardening guy started cutting AFTER the pool guy has just finished! This is muddled up, they should have done it the other way around. Mummy! Why is this happening, now the pool is full of plants and it was just cleaned. This is stupid!”.

I start to get a fit of hysterical giggles at the ridiculousness of the invasion.

“Hello, hello” comes a voice from somewhere.

“Mummy, I need to peepee!” says the little one, and “Mummy, someone is calling you”.

I put her on the loo and go to chat to the air-con guy.

“Was it the gas?” I ask.

“No” he replies, “It was sumthin else”.

Aha, ok, I think – that clears it up.

He goes and stands outside.

The maintenance guy puts away his chainsaw/strimmer device and wanders in, leaving my son outside muttering to himself about disorganisation, amongst a sea of plant pieces, that clearly are not going to be cleared up by Mr Maintenance.

“Jennie, you call me anytime. Even if it is the middle of the night and you have no current, you call me up and say ‘Hey, I have no current'”.

Ok great, is that because it has been decided NOT to service the generator?

Never mind. They all leave, and we wait at the house for the bug spray guy – he doesn’t turn up. Blast, he was the one that I really wanted to see this morning. We had a semi-tarantula in the house the other day …..

Ah well, turn up the music, make the coffee and make some crèpes. S’all ok mon!

French pancakes or crèpes, by the pool
French pancakes or crèpes, by the pool
Crèpe with Pear, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

Do you like the added bougainvillea from the chainsaw massacre?

You know, you can eat the flowers of the bougainvillea – so pretty and edible too. They don’t particularly taste of anything, but they are really pretty as a garnish.

I used really crispy pears as the texture with the silky soft crèpes and the nuttiness of the brown sugar go so well together.

We have crèpes for breakfast quite often, and I never use a recipe to make the batter. I basically just throw some flour in a big mixing bowl. Then I get a jug and crack some eggs and whisk them together with some milk. I pour the whole lot into the flour and mix it up with whatever implement there is to hand. Generally I will add more milk to get the right consistency.

I use butter to grease the pan in between each crèpe. The first one is normally slightly defective until the heat of the pan is just right.

Sometimes I use plant milks like oat or almond or soy. And we have experimented with various flours too. I love rice flour as the crèpes are so light. Usually it is the expense of the other ‘healthier’ options that deters me.

Here is a great recipe for the mornings when there is a weighing scales at hand. There are more eggs in this recipe, but that means that the batter does not need to ‘rest’ before cooking. Also the butter is in the batter (try saying tht in a hurry!), so there is no need to grease the pan in between each crèpe.

Crèpes for 4 people:

250g flour

4 eggs

1/2 litre milk

50g melted butter

4 crispy pears, diced finely

Ground cinnamon

Soft brown sugar or maple syrup

Place the flour in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the eggs and the milk. Add to the flour and mix with a wooden spoon. Add the melted butter and mix well. If it appears too thick, add a little more milk.

Heat a pan and cook the crèpes individually, swirling to fill the base of the pan each time. Stack them on a plate until they are all cooked and serve with the pear, cinnamon and a little sugar or maple syrup.

A bientot xx

One thought on “Poolside Breakfast Idea – Crèpes aux poires, sucre et cannelle

  1. Hilarious! Thomas could be the foreman getting them all organised and planning out their work! Loving the idea of those crêpes!!


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