Driving in Antigua

Driving in Antigua

I want to share as much as possible about our adventures here in Antigua.

There are a lot of differences between here and where we have been living. Even simple things, like getting home.

We have rented a 4WD jeep. It has already got bald tyres, and we have to check the air in them fairly regularly. Why? This:

Roads in Antigua
Roads in Antigua

Our adventure to get home is like a 4WD safari. Although, I know nothing about real safaris, however it has taken me 2 weeks to have the courage to drive down this road. Chicken, I know!

I was so happy to leave the ski resort that we used to live in – the road down the mountain with hairpin bends and steep drops was fine in the Summer. But in the Winter it was really testing me. To say I detested driving 8kms along a winding steep road in the snow, is putting it mildly. So “Au Revoir” to Switzerland, and “Hey man” to Antigua.

I even told the children that there would be no more long, boring, twisty drives once we got to Antigua.

But lo and behold, here we are, bouncing along. Let’s see what happens when it rains?

Driving in Antigua
Driving in Antigua

In the nature of all things Antiguan, you just can’t rush your comings and goings – just enjoy the ride!

Bisous x


You can rent a car quite easily on the island, with daily rental prices from

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